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Clear Skincare Clinics recently commissioned Images That Sell to shoot content for their website, eDM marketing and social media channels.


The shoot was commissioned as a full day creative content shoot.  We provide our services for these days as a package deal.  The variables are the amount of images, GIF’s and/or videos we produce in an 8 hour day.  We have created this post as an example of the potential of this type of shoot.


This one day shoot was broken down into two sections.  In the morning we shot 40 single product images that were used for eCommerce and PR purposes.  These images were shot with a stronger light that created a dynamic shadow.  The perfect lighting to represent beauty products online.


The afternoon session was spent shooting 15 content images which were used for social media and website.  The first two storyboards below are a summary of all of the images that were shot on this day.  As you can see there are a lot of elements in each image.

Our clients use our creative content days as a resource for bolstering their social media and marketing channels with high quality content, shot in a way that represents their brand identity.


Our aim on this day is to shoot a larger shot count to lower the price per image.  The shot counts vary according to the amount of detail in the images and we often storyboard these days ahead of the shoot day to enable us to shoot different levels of content lowering the overall price per image.


We are in the process of putting other case studies together which explain the possibilities that can be shot in this way.  Please let us know if you like to know more about shooting one of these days with us.












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