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There is a definite reason why our photographs resonate with your consumer, because we are primarily fashion photographers.  With over 30 years combined industry experience, you can rest assured that the results of our work are nothing short of impeccable.

When Moss & Spy set out to design their soon-to-be launched e-commerce site, their primary concern was that the photography illustrated not only the beautiful textures of their delicate fabrics but also that the colours and prints, which have become their signature, were true to life on screen.  The photography therefore becomes one of the most important and critical aspects to ensuring the success of Moss & Spy’s new venture into the world of online sales.

Priming files for internet use is as important as the shooting process.  We make sure that our files are clearer, sharper, brighter and hands down better than anyone else in the industry.  This is why we have many clients shipping us their products from all over the country.




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